Managing Your Marketing Mix

You know the old marketing discussions you hear at the watercooler and online: SEO is dead, social media is absolutely critical, you have to build an app for your company, and so on.  Oftentimes when we look at tactical marketing decisions, we approach them in a binary fashion.  Yes or no, good or bad, right or wrong.  But the reality of marketing today is that you’re one person, communicating and influencing thousands of prospects and potential customers.  And that means there are thousands of “right answers” to marketing.  

What’s just as important is that your marketing strategy and tactics are right for you and your organization!  I know that I’ve blogged about being customer-centric and that is absolutely crucial in terms of your strategy and marketing voice.  But the reality is that any marketing strategy or philosophy is only as good as the execution behind it.  Trying to follow a marketing framework or plan without the necessary people, expertise and resources behind it becomes an ineffective, academic exercise.  

And as marketers shift from one philosophy to another, what was old becomes new again.  Advertising and direct mail which is very difficult to measure and expensive, can be a useful tool when used in the right context.  Email, while still effective, typically only has a 20+% open rate which means you’re missing out on influencing 3 out of 4 of your prospects in that cycle.  Which is why I truly believe in quality AND quantity for your outbound marketing.  And choosing a good mix of marketing channels is a way to repeat your message without being overly redundant.  

So as you move your higher-level marketing strategy into a more tactical marketing plan you need to bring some organizational intuition to the planning.  Product marketing is steeped in communications and influence, and your prospect will require multiple touches to absorb your message. It’s not a binary decision, think shades of gray and guide your marketing mix based upon the time, expertise, money and resources you have at hand.  

The bottom line is that until a prospect opens up your email, views your video online, visits your website or chats with your sales rep, you’ve still got work to do Mr./Ms. Professional Marketer!  There’s no easy answers to the marketing discipline and only you can help define what the proper marketing mix for your campaigns and organization will be.  But if you keep your marketing customer-focused and valuable, you may start to find your customers beating a path to YOUR door.  And that’s where buyer personas and effective content marketing come into play.  More to come…   

Ron Wen


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